TAIWAN Headquarter Established in 2001, Total area 31,500 sq/ft (2,930 sq/m), Built up area: 28,000 sq/ft (2,600 sq/m), Number of Employees: 50

China Manufacturing Factory Established in 1999, Total area 325,000 sq/ft (30,000 sq/m), Built up area: 210,000 sq/ft (20,000 sq/m), Number of Employees: 400,100% In-house production capability,ISO9001 Certified

China Cold Forging Factory Established in 2006, Total area 23,000 sq/ft (2,130 sq/m), Built up area: 19,400 sq/ft (1,800 sq/m), Number of Employees: 60

Why Win Features Means Tools in Taiwan

Win Features has many years of experience in Tools research, development and manufacturing.
Win Features is one of the largest Tools accessories manufacturer in Taiwan as well a world-class factory over the China.
Win Features has successfully approached over millions of sets in more than 15 countries worldwide.
Win Features Research & Development Center in Taiwan is qualified and always leads the industry with the latest tools industry technological advancements, strategically applied to maximize benefits for each customer.
Taiwan Export performance ranking at top 3 in Tools industry.

What’s the difference between
Win Features and other competitors?

100% in-house production capability. More than 95% of tools accessories suppliers in Taiwan contract out jobs of accessories and parts machining to cooperative manufacturers. Instead of doing that, Win Features continuously invests in large machining equipment to enhance the level of in-house production, aiming at through control on quality and efficiency, and thereby creating a stronger competitive edge.